Supreme Court Rules Jurors to Decide

In an interesting article published at U.S. News, the United States Supreme Court decided that jurors, not judges, would decide if mandatory minimum sentencing would apply.   SCOTUS: Mandatory Minimum Drug Sentences in Jury’s Hands Many mandatory minimum sentences are imposed for drug offenses   By ELIZABETH FLOCK The Supreme Court ruled Monday that a jury, […]


San Diego Mayor Urges‘Jury Nullification’ In Medical Pot Dispensary Case

The concept of jury nullification is catching on nationwide. According to San Diego Mayor Bob Filner has injected himself into a federal criminal case against the operator of a medical marijuana dispensary, intensifying his standoff with federal prosecutors on cannabis enforcement issues. Filner’s urging jurors who’ll be chosen for the trial to reject federal […]


Rich Paul Trial

In Keene, NH,   the trial of Rich Paul began today.  He’s a  noted marijuana activist facing up to 81 years for selling plant matter that approx. 1/3 of all Americans have consumed at one time or another in their lives. Statistically speaking it is likely that at least 4 of the jurors on his […]


Longtime Juror Rights Activist is at it Again

John Connell 54, Pastor of the Peaceful Assembly Church of Grafton ,NH  has been informing jurors of their rights for about 20 years. He began doing this while living and working in Salem, Massachusetts fulltime. Upon learning years ago that juror’s were routinely misled by unscrupulous government employees and often ignorant of what their rightful […]


Miami: Jury Acquits Journalist Arrested While Videotaping Police

A jury acquitted a Florida photojournalist who was arrested on January 31 while documenting the eviction of Occupy Miami protesters. The police accused Carlos Miller, author of a popular blog about the rights of photojournalists, of disobeying a lawful police order to clear the area. – Timothy B. Lee, One thing that worked in Miller’s favor was that […]


Raw Milk’Offenders’Taking it to Trial

Under the Obama Administration raids and prosecutions of such controlled substances as medical marijuana and raw milk have only increased. Apparently, so has the knowledge among jurors in New Hampshire as well as other states of the power of jurors to acquit their neighbors. Any individual juror can do this by following the dictates of […]


Q: How are jurors selected in New Hampshire?

Juries are drawn to represent a cross section of the community. According to the law, very few people are exempt from jury service. You do not need to have any special skills, education, job experience or legal knowledge to be a juror. In New Hampshire, people who are called to serve as jurors are randomly selected from lists provided by the Division of Motor Vehicles and the town or city voter lists. These lists are provided to the Clerks of the Superior Court, who then send out a summons to each juror selected.
Jury Handbook from the State of New Hampshire's Judicial Branch

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